Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update: AT&T

So I called AT&T back Wednesday afternoon to try to talk to the manager who was supposed to call me, and hadn't. I got the right call center, and asked for Scott Burnham (the only real name I will list, so as to protect the innocents). Apparently Scott had already left for the day, without returning my call. Thanks again AT&T for the wonderful fucking in the... I mean customer service!

So the very kind lady who answered my call told me she would send an email to Scott, and asked me what I was contacting him about. I explained the whole story, and reiterated that I wanted Scott to credit me $50 or cancel my account. To which she said, "Oh, well why don't I just go ahead and credit your account right now?"

WTF? So all along the people on the phone could've taken care of this problem and not made me wait for some manager who won't return my call? Great... Oh well, at least I got it taken care of.

The CSR who took care of this for me indicated that there had been some confusion in the sales and CSR ranks about the rebate around the time that I signed up; many people were promised a rebate who were not eligible.

Thanks AT&T for making it right... but can you get your shit together next time?

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Smitty said...

I understand the premise of squeaky wheels getting the greese. But sometimes, it's about wherewithall. Only the people who really go out of their way will get the reward. The average person says "aw, fuck it," and corporate America COUNTS on that shit.