Tuesday, September 9, 2008


ok... I officially HATE AT&T.

5 months ago I signed up for DSL through AT&T. I had just canceled my cable service because I don't watch a lot of TV, and the DSL was a good bit cheaper. Sounded like a good deal, $34 a month for 3mbit/512kbit service, and a $50 rebate on the modem... or so I thought.

But go figure, I haven't received my rebate check yet. Now I know the rebate things can take a while, so I waited about 6 weeks before I called to complain. And you know what the guy on the phone said when I called? "Oh, sorry, we'll get a check right out to you!" Oh, ok, that was easy!


About 5 weeks passed, and I still had no check. So I called again, and the gentleman apologized, explained the check had already been mailed but since it had been 4 weeks he could cancel it and send a new one. Cool. So that was about the end of June...

So here it is now, September, and I get my latest bill, reminding me once again that the lazy bastards STILL have not given me my money.

Allow me to take a momentary aside my main bitchfest to host another, smaller... mini-bitchfest if you will. I HATE automated telephone systems! Especially when they're used by HUGE companies with too many "departments" (meaning contracted call centers) to transfer you from one to another. So I call the # on my bill and navigate 3 minutes of automated menu, just trying to get a live person on the phone! And what do they tell me when I get them? "You have to call this number..." Grr! Ok, so I call. More automated menu, more stress, more yelling at a computer. Finally get a person and explain the situation... and I have to call somebody else because the order was not completed right. WTF? Ok fine, another menu more stupid computers... and FINALLY I get a person who can help.

So I get somebody, who informs me, for the very first time since talking to AT&T at all, that I don't qualify for the rebate because I don't have a home phone line! Say what?!?! NAH BULLSHIT!!! I was pissed, and got rather irate at the lady on the phone (which was rude, I should not have taken my frustration out on her, I should've waited for a manager!) After an apology I more delicately explained to the CSR that nobody had ever informed me that my account did not qualify for the rebate, and that in fact multiple people had told me the check "was in the mail". She apologized and indicate that she could not do anything, but she would out this in the hands of a manager who would call me back within 2 business days, or 48 hours or something to resolve this. He better, I've got his number.

So at this point, I'm waiting 2 more days for $50 that I was supposed to get 4 months ago, that nobody told me I wasn't supposed to get at all. It sounds like the manager may be willing to credit my account, which would really at this point be the ONLY acceptable solution to me, as there's no way in hell that I will trust them to send a check.


Anonymous said...

Good luck hearing back from a manager :-/

Smitty said...

Corporate America: Fucking the Customer Since the Reagan Administration.

They don't care about us or our service satisfaction.

They're late paying you $50. Imagine, if you will, that you were late paying them $50. What do you think would happen?

Sopor said...

I know damn well what would happen. The mofos would cancel my service, and eventually turn their measely little $50 over to collections... bastards!