Friday, March 30, 2012

Diablo is back!

I got my Diablo III Beta invite today! Yippee!

Alright... so granted D3 is released in less than two months, so it's not like I'm getting in on the bleeding edge and am going to see a game in it's rough form as it gets polished and ready for release. I mean it's gotta be pretty stable by now, right?

Either way I'm very excited. The original Diablo was released in 1996 is perhaps the most influential PC game I played in my youth (right up there with Civilization). It was one of the first Fantasy RPGs to really hook me, and was the first Online RPG I got addicted to. I'm sure my father will vouch for my MANY hours spent slaying demons on the family PC back in the late 90s! Diablo II was released in 2000 and even though it's 12 years old, is still played online! So it's been about 12 years since we've had an addition to the Diablo Franchise (damn World of Warcraft for taking too much of Blizzard's time!), and if you ask me, it's long overdue!

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